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highly reliable shape detection and object analysis

highly reliable shape detection and object analysis  highly reliable shape detection and object analysis 


Vy is a software development company specializing in shape detection and object analysis software and services for the medical imaging market. Our first product, called CytoSavvy.com, identifies clusters of cells in liver biopsies, kidney biopsies and other cell imagery using Vy’s patented CellQuant™ search technology. Our mission is to help pathologists and other medical researchers improve their ability to identify and analyze complex cell structures in less time while providing more reliable data for research and diagnostics. We accomplish this by finding, counting, and collecting data about complex cell structures.

Pathology plays a significant role in patient care. Market pressure to improve patient safety, perform more accurate diagnoses, and implement personalized treatment plans are accelerating changes in conventional practices. In addition, advances in technology are allowing pathologists to improve workflow efficiency and cut costs while improving treatment decisions and patient care. For example, new florescent microscopes and other advances in digital pathology are generating vast amounts of data much of which has to be analyzed manually.

Our services are designed to accomplish three important goals:

  • Increase the quality and quantity of data available for research and improved diagnostic outcomes
  • Create opportunities to reduce or re-allocate scarce staff resources
  • Create opportunities to increase internal and external service offerings
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