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highly reliable shape detection and object analysis

highly reliable shape detection and object analysis  highly reliable shape detection and object analysis 

Prototyped under a contact with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Vy’s patented technology finds order in real-world imagery and represents this discovered order in a searchable relational database. Vy’s software starts by finding mathematical models of Bezier curves and straight lines, and then uses complex object models to identify areas and objects of interest.
Vy’s approach allows us to fuse data from any sensor that can be presented as an electronic signal. Fusing data from multiple sources always results in better decisions than relying upon data from a single source.

Intellectual Property

Vy’s software is backed by a strong base of intellectual property. The company has secured six broad patents on its core technology, with one patent pending, another provisional pending and much more to come. Because Vy’s approach is based upon replicating the mammalian visual cortex in software, we believe our intellectual property is the best, and perhaps only, way to achieve reliability comparable to or exceeding human performance in real world environments.

Our Team

Vy’s software is being developed by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers with over thirty years of combined experience in the visual analytics field. We have assembled a skilled group of experienced employees and consultants that help us deliver highly reliable solutions. Our team brings together a unique perspective on developing products and services that solve real world image analysis problems fast and reliably.
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