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highly reliable shape detection and object analysis

highly reliable shape detection and object analysis  highly reliable shape detection and object analysis 

For Immediate Release
3 June 2013

Ultra Reliable Ellipse Detector for Autonomous Robots
New targeting and tracking technology for autonomous steering and video search
  • Fully autonomous robotic operations in household or commercial environments
  • Generate revenue from more timely, higher quality video search analytics
Vy Corporation (http://www.vycorporation.com ), a software company located in Cambridge, MA announced today new technology for the first ultra reliable object model detector for ellipses. “Vy’s ellipse detector is the only system that has practically no false positives in very cluttered images without compromising its recall rate” said Kostas Daniilidis, Professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. “This technology has significant implications for very practical real world situations like allowing household robots to clean the dishes or mow the lawn” said Vy President and co-founder John Freyhof.

Vy’s software can be used stand-alone or fused with existing systems and applications to increase reliability. Examples include:
  • Autonomous robot and vehicle steering based upon shape
  • Google Goggle (symbolic search)
  • Google Earth (Ellipses over the world)
  • Commercial and military video search
A key differentiator to Vy’s approach is highly reliable (99% accuracy) search of real world imagery. Prototyped under a contact with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Vy’s patented technology finds order in real-world imagery and represents this discovered order in a searchable relational database. Vy’s software starts by finding mathematical models of Bezier curves and straight lines, then uses complex object models to identify areas and objects of interest.

About Vy Corporation
Vy Corporation is a software company founded in May, 2000 to commercialize shape detection software. The company’s patented software provides powerful de-rendering capabilities for data mining video imagery using design principals similar to the human eye. Vy’s goal is to produce software that performs as well as or better than a human. Click here to see a sample of the technology in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ_1O17NlKA&feature=youtu.be

Learn more at our demonstration site: www.vectorsavvy.com.

Cambridge, MA
Vy Corporation
Contact: John Freyhof, 617-812-1919 X251
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