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highly reliable shape detection and object analysis

highly reliable shape detection and object analysis highly reliable shape detection and object analysis


CytoSavvy.com is an image analysis and data collection service. The service can be delivered over the web as a cloud-based service, through an API installed at the customer site, or a combination. Users can upload and analyze a single image and charge it on a credit card, or use a subscription model tied to volume. A site license model is also available for large institutions. The analyzed image can be saved in a variety of formats (JPG, EPS, SVG, XML) for use in other popular programs such as Photoshop™. Cell data (count, locations, area) is saved in a SQL database and can be output as a CSV file for inclusion in an Excel Spreadsheet or fused with a more comprehensive database.

VectorSavvy.com is a website that is designed to provide user friendly access to Vy’s powerful image analysis technology. The site allows users to load images and view results at no charge. Registered users have the option of purchasing credits and accessing additional analysis services including online storage. The site also includes examples of Vy’s video analysis capabilities which can be utilized to provide robust tagging and tracking capabilities.

Custom Projects
Vy has developed powerful tools to identify shapes and objects of interest. Using our proprietary, third generation workbench, we can build stand-alone applications for specific use cases or integrate more complex object models or decision-making capabilities into an existing application or installation. If reliable shape detection or object decision-making is critical to your project, please call us at 888-95IMAGE (888-954-6243) to discuss your requirements.

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